Rail Park Benefactor Program

Built by the Reading Railroad to transport passengers to Philadelphia’s northern and western neighborhoods and suburbs and to support local industries, the Viaduct carried its last train in 1984.

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Soon a quarter-mile segment of this historic treasure – from Broad Street to Callowhill Street – will become our city’s first elevated public park, with a distinctive design that celebrates our industrial past and cultural heritage.

Become a benefactor of this extraordinary effort and leave a legacy at the same time. Donate to help fund the Rail Park today!

For businesses seeking to make a major civic contribution and for individuals who wish to donate or make a gift in memory of a loved one, our benefactor program offers the opportunity to endow a wide selection of park enhancements, from trees, planters and perennials to benches and even swings. 

With your tax deductible donation, you will receive a certificate and appropriate recognition depending on level of support.   All contributors of $25,000 and above will be recognized on a prominent donor wall at the main entrance to the park. Plus, you can enjoy knowing that you are helping to build Philadelphia’s newest, most unique public space and to keep it thriving and vibrant throughout the year.

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To learn more about how you can support these CCDF projects, please contact:
Katie Andrews
Development Manager, Center City District Foundation

Download the Rail Park Benefactor Program details with naming opportunities. [PDF 4.2MB]

viaduct callowhill overpass with planters

Hanging Planters: $50,000 Each

Eight jumbo eight-foot long hanging planters, filled with native grasses and spring bulbs, will add beauty to the catwalk along Callowhill Street.

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Interpretive Wall: $50,000

Railroads fueled America's Industrial Revolution and Philadelphia was the center of the railroad industry. The remarkable story of how businesses, large and small, made Philadelphia a world leader will be interpreted along an entrance wall at the 13th Street entrance.

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Canopy Trees: $5,000 Each

Over a dozen stately and strikingly bold canopy trees that are long-living and particularly tolerant of urban conditions will add shade and comfort to the park. Species include London Planetrees, Kentucky Coffee trees, and Shingle Oaks

102843061939762868 entrance

Understory Trees: $2,500 Each

More than 40 exceptional medium-sized understory trees bring beauty to the park with their showy flowers and ornamental grace. Selected species, especially chosen for the adaptability and ability to offer protection and food for wildlife, include Apple Serviceberry, River Birch, Eastern Redbud, American Holly, and Eastern Red Cedar.

viaduct midspan towards 13th

Shrubs & Perennials: $100-$500 Each*

Nearly 1,000 shrubs and perennials, from Spicebush and Virginia Sweetspire to Goatsbeard, Ostrich Fern and Lilac Sage will create a bold effect with their showy and fragrant flowers spectacular textures. *Cost depends on species selected.

digest viaduct render02

Swings: $25,000 Each

Who doesn’t enjoy a swing? The park’s five-swing innovative design will provide continuous joy to both children and adults. Constructed of wood and steel in keeping with other Rail Park elements, a swing seat is the perfect place to watch the setting sun on a warm summer day.

viaduct benches4

Tiered Seating: $100,000 Each

Four multi-level tiered seating elements constructed of very durable and dense hardwood are positioned on either side of the park to take maximum advantage of skyline views. Stepping up two or three levels, the tiered seating structures can comfortably accommodate 30 to 60 people each, making them perfect gathering spots for programs or ideal resting points for relaxing with friends.

viaduct adopt flatbenches

Benches: Timber ($10,000 Each) & Flat (Sold Out)

Ten unique benches, some solid timber and some handsomely fabricated of wood and metal will add to the park’s rusticity while bringing comfort to those who pause to admire their historic surroundings. An additional five benches are situated at the southern end of the park, where those who rest can take in the stunning views of Philadelphia’s Center City skyline.

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You can help make this transformative new public green space a reality by making a gift today.

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Major Donors to the Rail Park 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
City of Philadelphia 
The Knight Foundation 
William Penn Foundation
Poor Richard's Charitable Trust
The McLean Contributionship
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
PA Department of Community & Economic Development

Tuttleman Family Foundation 
Victor Keen & Jeanne Ruddy
Bank of America
Post Brothers 
Five Below
Various Individual & Corporate donors