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Report a Problem

Below is a list of potential issues noted with the appropriate agency to contact. Most City of Philadelphia issues are now being handled by the City's 311 system. In the case of an emergency, where immediate police response is required, please call 911 directly.

Item/Issue Responsible Agency Phone
Abandoned Property Reports Philadelphia Police Department 311
Abandoned Vehicles Philadelphia Police Department 311
Air Quality Philadelphia Health Department 311
Animal Management Complaints Philadelphia Health Department 311
Banners Center City District 215.440.5500
Bicycle Racks Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Building Permits Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections 311
Building Violations Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections 311
Business Questions Philadelphia Commerce Department 215.683.2100
Confidential Narcotics Reports PPD, Narcotics Intelligence Squad 215.685.1137
Curb Deterioration Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Dead Pet in Home PSPCA 215.426.6300
Dead Pet in Street Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Dumpsters Philadelphia Streets Department SWEEP Unit 311
Food Store/Restaurant Problems Philadelphia Health Department 311
Gas Leaks/Unsafe Condition Philadelphia Gas Works 215.235.1212
Graffiti, 1st floor Center City District 215.440.5500
Graffiti, upper floors Anti-Graffiti Network 311
Hazardous Highway Condition Philadelphia Police Department 911
Hazardous Waste, Household Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Homeless Issues Outreach Coordination Center 215.232.1984
Homeless Issues Center City District 215.440.5500
Illegal Dumping/
Sanitation Violations

Philadelphia Streets Department SWEEP Unit 311
Mailboxes US Postal Service Maintenance 215.895.8610
Mosquito Complaints Philadelphia Police Department 311
Noise Complaints Health Dept., Air Management 311
Parking Meters & Kiosks Philadelphia Parking Authority 215.683.9600
Parking Problems Philadelphia Parking Authority 215.561.3636
Potholes/Sidewalks Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Potholes on PA State Highways PENNDOT 800.349.7623
Power Outage/Downed Lines PECO Energy 800.494.4000
Recycling Questions Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Rodents in Residences & Outdoors Vector Control, Philadelphia Health Department 311
Rat Complaints Vector Control, Philadelphia Health Department 311
SEPTA Customer Service SEPTA 215.580.7800
Sidewalk Deterioration Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Signs Center City District 215.440.5500
Steam Vents Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corp 215.732.1411
Streetlights Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Streetlights (After Hours) Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Street Signs Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Traffic Signals Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Traffic Signs Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Transit Shelters Titan 360 215.268.0073
Trash Complaints Philadelphia Streets Department 311
Trees & Planters Center City District 215.440.5500
Trees, Fallen/Blocking Road Department of Parks & Recreation 215.685.4363
Trees on Private Property Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections 311
Vendor Complaints Philadelphia Licenses & Inspections 311
Water/Sewers Water Department 311
Wild/Stray Animals Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Assoc. 311