Research & Reports

Center City District and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation produce a wide range of reports, newsletters and publications to help keep you informed.

Research & Reports

Center City Housing Report 2024

This CCD/CPDC annual housing report examines Center City Philadelphia's residential sector momentum and the cumulative effects of three decades of growth, the rebound from 2020 and its impact on housing markets, new and upcoming residential developments and homeownership trends, and the status of the rental market.

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Research & Reports

Center City Real Estate Development, January 2024

Center City Real Estate Development, January 2024 is an in-depth report on current and upcoming major real estate projects in Center City. The report includes a map and full-color photos or renderings and project descriptions for all 66 developments in Center City Philadelphia. As well as an interactive map featuring all of the developments found within the publication.

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Research Reports & Publications

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Title Published Topic Download
City Hall Courtyard Improvement Plan May 25, 2017 public space No Attachment
Pedestrian Count Report - March 2017 April 24, 2017 retail, pedestrian counts PDF
Pedestrian Count Report - February 2017 March 24, 2017 retail, pedestrian counts PDF
Pedestrian Count Report - January 2017 February 24, 2017 retail, pedestrian counts PDF
Philadelphia: An Incomplete Revival January 30, 2017 employment, tax policy PDF
Bicycle Commuting 2016 October 18, 2016 transportation, bicycles No Attachment
Getting to Work: Transit, Density & Opportunity June 24, 2016 transit, transportation PDF
Sustaining Demand for Downtown Housing February 15, 2016 residential PDF
Philadelphia's Independent Economy: Implications for Office Space September 28, 2015 office space, coworking PDF
Downtown Rebirth: Documenting the Live-Work Dynamic in 21st Century U.S. Cities October 6, 2013 planning, demographics No Attachment
Managing Success in Center City: Reducing Congestion, Enhancing Public Spaces February 12, 2008 traffic, congestion, public spaces, transit PDF
OPDC | CPDC - 50 Years of Remaking Center City April 17, 2006 cpdc, opdc, history PDF
Growing Smarter: The Role of Center City's Public Schools in Enhancing the Competitiveness of Philadelphia November 29, 2004 education, schools PDF
Turning On the Lights Upstairs February 1, 1996 residential, development PDF