About Center City District

Center City District has helped transform downtown Philadelphia with a simple but ambitious mission: clean, safe and attractive.

Center City District (CCD) is a business improvement district started in 1991. The CCD's mission is to keep Philadelphia's downtown, called Center City, clean, safe, beautiful and fun. We provide security, cleaning and promotional services that supplement, but do not replace, basic services provided by the City of Philadelphia and the fundamental responsibilities of property owners.

CCD also makes physical improvements to the downtown, installing and maintaining lighting, signs, banners, trees and landscape elements. The district encompasses 233 blocks and more than 1,500 properties.

A 23-member board of directors governs CCD, representing Center City's major property owners and a wide cross section of downtown businesses, labor unions, neighborhood, civic and health-care organizations. CCD directly bills and collects mandatory payments from properties in the district. CCD also receives voluntary contributions from the owners of tax-exempt properties that benefit from our services.

CCD Services

Report a Problem

Would you like to report a problem with a CCD-managed streetscape issue? Learn more here about how to direct your request.

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