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Learn why successful retailers and restaurateurs choose Center City Philadelphia

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“After the pandemic, our sales are back to
where they were. Everybody starves for
spa services, travel and eating out so being
in the city center definitely helped us get
back quickly to where we used to be prepandemic.”

Danuta Mieloch, Owner, Rescue Spa


"Philly is a very easy city to navigate and very walkable. We serve customers that drive by and run in, and customers who walk to us from anywhere or ride their bikes. The demographic range is astonishingly diverse from Baby Boomers who live in town to young families to Gen Zs who attend one of the many universities."

–Ravid Butz, Owner, Photo Lounge

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"Center City has many strengths – including an abundance of thriving businesses, retail and dining, a robust arts scene, great residential offerings, and more. Being that Steak 48 is a restaurant, one of the biggest strengths for us as it relates to our location in Center City is the unparalleled food scene. The city holds an appreciation for food, an abundance of spectacular restaurants and chefs, and diners with sophisticated and adventurous palates."

Steak 48


"We have always heard about Philly's passion, from sports to the love of the city. Opening a location in Center City has given us the opportunity to experience this immense passion first hand, from our guests to our employees. Philly's passion is hard to match."

Victory Brewing Company

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"You can put this scene on par with any neighborhood or any place in the country and I think that you’ll find that the restaurant scene is fantastic. I would say to any prospective retailer that this is a great place to do business."

-Joses Garces, Owner, Garces


"There’s no other place we’d ever open a business. We’re in a neighborhood where we have a neighborhood association that promotes the unique businesses that we have on 13th street. For a whole city to grow as much as it has is really unbelievable."

-Chef Marcie Turney & Valerie Safran, Owners of six restaurants and boutiques in Center City Philadelphia, which helped transform 13th Street into trendy Midtown Village

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"I love Philadelphia because it has a lot of fantastic universities, so there’s a great workforce here and an educated consumer base for us as well as resources for our business. We’ve developed quite a big clientele here, there’s an international clientele that we have as a result of our store in Philadelphia."

-Steve Lagos, Owner, LAGOS


"You get the best of both worlds by being in Center City. It’s a hybrid of residential and business districts that help merchants diversify business volume between not just weekends, but weekdays."

-Bill Mignucci, Owner, Di Bruno Bros.

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"We need more retail, the customers are hungry for it. It's a city of people that want to go out and want to enjoy what's here and they're very, very loyal." 

-Stephen Starr, Owner, STARR Restaurant Group