Community Service Representatives

The Center City District's community service representatives (CSRs) are a welcoming presence in downtown Philadelphia and an effective deterrent to crime.

CCD Community Service Representatives

The Center City District's community service representatives (CSRs) are an effective deterrent to crime and a welcoming presence in downtown Philadelphia. CSRs patrol on foot seven days a week, wearing distinctive teal uniforms and equipped with two-way radios,  first-aid gear, maps and more. They are equally prepared to administer first aid, provide directions, radio police or provide outreach to homeless individuals. 

CSR – Police Partnership 

The CSRs enjoy a unique working relationship with the Philadelphia Police Department. CSRs participate in twice-daily roll call and jointly plan deployment strategies with Philadelphia police officers who patrol on foot and by bicycle downtown and who are deployed from the Center City District Police Substation, located in the CCD's administrative offices.

Public Space Reporting

Using customized handheld computers and a geographic information system (GIS), specially trained CSRs survey every block in the Center City District monthly, recording deficiencies and problems in the public environment. 

Their reports of damaged street lights, traffic signs, fire hydrants, clogged sewers, etc., are forwarded promptly to the responsible agency and CCD follows up to ensure prompt attention. 

CCD also hosts regular meetings of all participating agencies, including government, utilities, transit providers and others, to ensure a well-maintained public environment in Center City.

Homeless Action Team

Specially trained CSRs provide daytime outreach services to help get the homeless off downtown streets and into appropriate facilities with needed services. Learn more.

Training and Employment

The CCD hires and trains two CSR classes annually. Applicants should have at least two years of college in related fields such as tourism, hospitality, retail or security or a high school diploma with two years job experience in a related field. 

CSRs start with three weeks of classroom training, learning observational skills, how to patrol safely and how to recognize and report illegal activity. "CSR School" also includes customer service and hospitality training and a thorough orientation to Center City. From there, each trainee spends another three weeks on patrol with a veteran CSR before beginning to patrol independently. Visit the Employment page to learn if the CCD is currently hiring for the next class of CSRs.