CCD/CPDC Annual Report

State of Center City 2021

State of Center City 2021: Restoring, Returning, Reanimating, is a comprehensive overview of marketplace conditions in Philadelphia at the end of 2020. It provides detailed profiles of the diverse employment sectors that comprise the downtown economy, highlighting strengths and challenges as we entered 2021. It includes information on housing and transportation trends and serves as a report on CCD operations and their impact in the last year.

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CPDC Meeting

Getting Ready to Return

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, CPDC hosted a virtual membership meeting to review the annual report State of Center City 2021 and the most recent recovery report, Monitoring Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery, May 2021. Industry leaders discussed what is needed for continued recovery and getting office workers, visitors and tourists to return to offices, reanimate hotels and restore jobs in Center City Philadelphia.

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