2024 Employee Milestone Anniversaries at Center City District

The Center City District (CCD) recently celebrated the anniversaries of several employees who have been working with CCD for a period ranging from five to 30 years. From our Community Service Representatives (CSRs) and our on-street maintenance crew to our administrative and park staff, each employee at CCD is an integral part of the vitality of Center City. 

We asked some of CCD’s team members two questions: "What part of your work at CCD are you most proud of?" and “What is your favorite thing to do in Center City?” 

Note that submissions have been edited for grammar and clarity. 

From Our Community Service Representatives Team 


Dionne J. (25 Years) 

  • Most Proud: The part of my job that I'm most proud of is the opportunity to meet and talk with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I enjoy discussing their interests, food preferences, and activities, while also sharing my favorite aspects of the city. With this job, I feel privileged to experience a great deal of the world. 

  • Favorite Things: My favorite thing to do in Center City is bargain shopping! Between Ross, Burlington, and Nordstrom Rack, I can find anything I want for a great price. 

Chanyse R. (10 Years) 

  • Most Proud: Honestly, I'm truly most proud of my ability to put a smile on clients' faces. You never know what challenges people are experiencing each day and how a greeting or asking someone can help them find something makes a difference. Whether its tourists visiting Center City for the first time or current residents of Philadelphia who get turned around in direction, I love the positive interactions I'm exposed to when I'm being a service to others. I know I am a valuable member of my team. 

  • Favorite Things: Outside of working in Center City, I take delight in a good self-care spa day followed by some great food variety at Reading Terminal Market. 


From Our On-Street Maintenance Team 

Earl R. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I really enjoy working in this job because I feel proud of the results I see after putting in a lot of effort. Our work begins at 5 in the morning, and it's satisfying to know that we are keeping this place clean without people having to witness how messy it could get. Once we complete our tasks, I feel happy to leave because we have done a beautiful job and people wouldn't even know what we did if they didn't arrive as early as we do. I just love what we do. 

  • Favorite Things: I love coming down here to eat after I get off work. My favorite restaurants are Del Frisco’s, Ocean Prime, and Barclay Prime. Center City also has a couple of new gaming venues that I want to try out. 



Ahmed B. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I love my job, and I like the results after I am finished. We can see a significant difference in the work that we do.

  • Favorite Things: As the lead, I ensure my team is producing great work. I will make sure my team is getting the job done to keep Center City clean. 

Wade J. (25 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I am proud to work downtown cleaning up while being around a lot of different people. The people in Center City like what we do downtown and share how they appreciate how clean we keep it. It is gratifying because we are here early in the morning working as a team to ensure the city is clean.  

    I have been here for 25 years, and I enjoy what I do. I love working outside. I love being around a lot of different people of all cultures. I feel like I am friends with everyone downtown and it really makes each day coming into work worth it. 

  • Favorite Things: I love health and fitness, so I enjoy going to Planet Fitness. I also have fun at arcades because I am a big kid at heart having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.  

Stokosky M. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I'm proud to be helpful, consistent, and reliable. I'm very goal oriented. So, I like to be consistent with the work I produce. So, when I come to work, it is nice to know that my team can count on me. 

  • Favorite Things: I really like Reading Terminal. My favorite place is the pizzeria – I can get a great cheesesteak there! 

Kenneth A. (30 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I love what I do every day - cleaning and taking care of what I need to take care of. 

  • Favorite Things: I love talking with people. That is what makes my day awesome. 

"I love talking with people. That is what makes my day awesome."

Augustine B. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I am proud of my section. 

  • Favorite Things: My favorite thing is working with Center City District until I retire. I love the company. I love those who work here. Everybody is kind and they treat each other well.  

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Michael B. (30 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I really enjoy just getting out there working. In this job, you meet a lot of different people, and it is great to meet people from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Favorite Things: After work, I like to grab something to eat and head on home.

From Our Office Team 

Jhona I. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: My work at CCD is not as impressive as the work that our on-street teams put in day in and day out to keep Center City clean, safe, and attractive. It’s a welcoming feeling, even as a Center City dweller for over a decade, to know exactly who to find when you need assistance with directions or a suggestion for a must-see nearby attraction. 

  • Favorite Things: My favorite things to do in Center City are to eat and drink, hands down. You can find me perched and chatting with my favorite people most weekend mornings at Parc.

Andrew J. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I’m most proud of the group of people I get to work with on a day-to-day basis. At the beginning of my career, never did I imagine that I would get to work with so many smart, creative, and compassionate people from such a wide array of backgrounds, with a shared mission to make this city a better place to be for the next generation.  

  • Favorite Things: This is a tough one – so many options! With my family, one of my favorite Saturday morning traditions is to meander from our house in Point Breeze up to K’Far at 19th & Chestnut St. to grab a few bagels coffees & juices, then head over to Rittenhouse to find a spot on the grass to people watch and “relax”. By the time we leave, my son is happy and tired from a morning of darting around the park, I’ve either met a new parent or bumped into a familiar one, and we’re all home by noon with a bag of fresh bagels, ready for a nap, and the weekend to look forward to. 


Emrah U. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I am proud of the attention and focus put in by all CCD staff to maintain a clean, safe, and vibrant environment for everyone in Center City. 

  • Favorite Things: I love watching folks who visit the CCD parks relaxing and enjoying the best public spaces in Center City. 



Rob N. (10 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I am most proud of the winter programming at Dilworth Park. When we first began the winter program, we only had an ice rink. As time went on, we went from an ice rink to the cabin, to the Winter Garden, to the market and to the light show. And what I like best about that program is that it is one of the few programs at CCD that everybody in the organization is involved with. There is a lot of collaborative work, which I think is the best thing that we do. 

  • Favorite Things: I like going to dinner at Parc and Vedge and participating in The Broad Street Run. 

Larry H. (10 Years) 

  • Most Proud: When I first started working at CCD, Dilworth Park had not been completed, so most of my work was done in and around Center City. A project I am particularly proud of is all the bollards I painted. In total, it was at least five hundred. 

  • Favorite Things: My favorite thing about Center City is the shopping. 



Mayra D. (25 Years) 

  • Most Proud: I feel proud of my ability to help people in any way possible, no matter how big or small the task is. I believe there are no dumb questions, and I am always happy to help people with their questions. Knowing that people trust me to help them makes me smile. 

  • Favorite Things: I like to go to Dilworth Park during the winter holidays with my family and friends to shop at the holiday market and ice skating at the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink. 


Giavana S. (5 Years) 

  • Most Proud: When I worked as Marketing & Events Manager for our parks, I developed the first-ever “Arts on Center Stage.” That program, now in its 4th year, has continued to be one of our most beloved and well-attended weekly event series at Dilworth Park and helped to build a stronger-than-ever relationship with our world-class arts and culture community. In my current role as Sr. Manager of Retail Marketing & Events, I am proud to have spearheaded our CCD Restaurant Week’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, as well as our upcoming CCD SIPS 20th Anniversary milestone. 

  • Favorite Things: EAT! The restaurant scene in Center City Philadelphia is in a league of its own, especially for vegetarians. My ideal day of indulgence would include:  

    • Breakfast: Brunch buffet from Harp & Crown  

    • Lunch: Hummus & falafel platter from Goldie  

    • Snack: Iced almond milk latte & granola parfait from Elixir  

    • Dinner: Truffle Tagliatelle from Giuseppe & Son’s  

    • Dessert: Gelato from Gran Caffe L’Aquila OR Famous 4th Street cookies at the Reading Terminal 

Lauren S. (5 Years)

  • Most Proud: We produce various reports throughout the year, and I am always validated when someone expresses that they’ve read a report or are using our data. I’m proud to work on a team that produces creditable and thoughtful research that is cited nationwide! 

  • Favorite Things: There’s so much to choose from, especially given our many amazing restaurants. If I had to choose one thing, it would be people-watching in Rittenhouse Square. There are so many little gems between the groups of people playing chess, families with roaming children, dates taking a stroll, and dogs walking their owners.  

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