City Hall Courtyard Improvement Plan

The goal of the improvement plan for Philadelphia’s City Hall Courtyard is to reclaim usable space that will support the activation of the Courtyard through programs and events, and also reflect the history of the site as the center of William Penn’s plan for the City. When we compare the original, simple, and utilitarian layout of the Courtyard with its existing, present-day condition, the Courtyard has lost its sense of uniformity, and has a very limited potential for activation. By strategically reclaiming spaces within the Courtyard, not only can we regain a surface for programs and events, but we can also create a platform for education and civic and cultural activities, while maintaining the Courtyard’s important function as a crossroads.

This report was funded by the William Penn Foundation & Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust.

Research, analysis, conceptual design, and graphics were conducted and produced by WRT for the Center City District.