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Research & Reports

Downtown Rebounds: Greater Center City Housing Trends 2023

For two decades, the fastest growing residential section of Philadelphia has been Greater Center City. In 2022, the downtown rebound was built on decades of success: At just 5.8% of the city’s land area, Greater Center City accounted for 48% of the city’s total supply of new housing units.

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Economic Recovery

Pedestrian Vitality: Momentum Continues to Build

Pedestrian activity in the core of Center City continued to increase during the last quarter of 2022 and into the first two weeks of January 2023, as the volume of residents, workers and visitors of all types downtown continued to grow.

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Downtown Real Estate Developments

Center City Philadelphia Developments 2022 is an in-depth report on current and upcoming major real estate projects in Center City. The report includes a map and full-color photos or renderings and project descriptions for all 65 major developments in Center City Philadelphia, categorized by type. As well as an interactive map featuring all of the developments found within the publication.

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