Perhaps it’s time to stop talking about "recovery" and instead work to conjure the downtown that we want and that our city needs.

The Center City District's annual report examines how downtown Philadelphia’s social and economic systems have evolved amid the profound challenges of the past four years. Distilling the most recent data available from city, state, and federal agencies; local organizations and businesses; and CCD’s own surveys, pedestrian counts, research and analysis, this comprehensive 96-page report examines the key drivers of downtown vitality and investment – new housing, return to the office, retail, employment, arts and culture, transportation, health care and higher education, and travel and tourism.

See below for a snapshot of the findings from this year's report and to learn more, read or download the full 2024 State of Center City report on Issuu. We hope that you find this year’s report useful and enjoyable—and reflective of CCD’s organizational obsession with analytical rigor and optimism rooted in data. Please take a few minutes to let us know how you find the report useful by completing our feedback form

Center City at a Glance


Key Takeaways from The State of Center City 2024

The State of Center City 2024 team includes Jessie Brain (Manager of GIS Mapping Services and Technology), JoAnn Loviglio (Vice President, Communications and Public Relations), Leo Manning (Director of Strategic Communications), Adrianna Morsey (Research Assistant), Clint Randall (Vice President, Economic Development), Jimmy Salfiti (Economic Development Manager), Lauren Smith (Economic Development Manager), and Bonnie Thompson (Senior Director, Digital Marketing.) This document was designed by David Orantes (Art Director) and Amy Genda (Vice President, Strategy and Design.) It was illustrated by Aimée Liriano (Graphic Designer).