Signs & Banners

Throughout Center City Philadelphia, CCD's signs, posters and banners orient and inform, while adding color and excitement to downtown streets.


Do you know that CCD has over 1,000 signs throughout Center City? These signs helped guide both pedestrians and drivers to some of Philadelphia’s great institutions and attractions!

This signage program was originally launched by the Foundation of Architecture back in 1988. Since then, CCD has initiated numerous design, installation, and maintenance projects to enhance the program. We are excited to continue developing initiatives to best improve the Directional, Diskmap, Vehicular, Parkway Interpretive, and Sculpture signs.

If you are an eligible organization that is interested in having your name on CCD signs, please contact our Streetscape Manager at 215.440.5573 or


Banners installed on streetlights and specially designed banner poles bring vibrancy to the downtown and provide a low-cost means for cultural institutions, arts and civic groups and non-profit organizations to communicate their message. For program information, you can contact Kelly Farrelly at

Digital & Print Bus Shelter Ads

The CCD offers eligible organizations the opportunity to run abbreviated digital ads in 50 downtown bus shelters at a discount. They also have the chance to place traditional print ads in a number of older bus shelters.  Arts, cultural and civic organizations based in Center City receive first consideration; other non-profit organizations are considered based on availability. For program information, you can contact Kelly Farrelly at