Signs & Banners

Throughout Center City Philadelphia, CCD's signs, posters and banners orient and inform, while adding color and excitement to downtown streets.


Sign Systems

Whether you're on foot, behind the wheel or taking transit in Center City Philadelphia, a nearby CCD sign can point you in the right direction.

The CCD's award-winning Walk!Philadelphia disk maps and directional signs are located on every block in the district to help pedestrians find their way around Center City. For more information, download the Destination Philadelphia: Walk!Philadelphia information sheet [PDF 621 KB].

Direction Philadelphia is a comprehensive system of vehicular direction signs to visitor attractions throughout Center City and aims to direct drivers to attractions and major destinations. Initially supported by a grant from the William Penn Foundation in 1988, the Foundation for Architecture coordinated a group of over 80 stakeholders that guided the design and planning of the Direction Philadelphia system. The signs were fabricated and installed using city, state and federal funds. The CCD now manages, maintains and updates this sign system. For more information, download the Destination Philadelphia: Direction Philadelphia information sheet [PDF 84 KB].  

Together, the pedestrian and vehicular signs comprise a comprehensive and user-friendly system of more than 1,000 signs.  

CCD, in partnership with regional transit service providers, has developed a new transit signage system to increase visibility of and access to Philadelphia's multi-modal regional transit system. The new system clearly identifies Center City's portals to the 3.2-mile underground transit concourse with an attractive, lit icon, and also includes new directional signs and concourse maps. For more information, download the Destination Philadelphia: Ride!Philadelphia, Transit Portal Signage Components information sheet [PDF 1.6 MB].  

On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the CCD installed an extensive system of interpretive signs that tell the story of the Parkway, focusing on the planning and building of the boulevard and the magnificent works of art and architecture along its route. For more information, download the Interpretive Panel information sheet [PDF 2.1 MB]


Banners installed on streetlights and specially designed banner poles bring vibrancy to the downtown and provide a low-cost means for cultural institutions, arts and civic groups and non-profit organizations to communicate their message. For program information, you can contact Kelly Farrelly at

Bus Shelter Posters

Art in Transit is the CCD's advertising program at more than 40 downtown bus shelters. Arts and cultural organizations based in Center City receive first consideration; other non-profit organizations are considered based on availability.

Digital Transit Shelters

The CCD offers eligible organizations opportunity to run abbreviated digital spots in downtown transit shelters at a discount. For program information, you can contact Kelly Farrelly at