2016 CCD Cleaners


2018–2022 Plan and Budget for the Center City District

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The mission of the Center City District (CCD) is to provide a clean, safe, well-managed downtown so Philadelphia can successfully compete as an attractive location for business, education and health-care institutions, for tourism, arts and entertainment, dining and shopping and as the fastest growing residential area in the city. The CCD was established in March 1990, under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Municipality Authorities Act as a private-sector-directed municipal authority. With the approval from property owners within its boundaries and from the City of Philadelphia, the CCD was authorized in November 1990 to provide security, cleaning and promotional services that supplement, but do not replace, both basic services provided by the City of Philadelphia and the responsibilities of property owners.

This plan and budget for the period 2018-2022 keeps the Center City District’s primary focus on the basics, devoting more than 70% of assessment revenues to programs for a clean, safe, attractive and well-managed public environment. The balance of revenues supports capital improvements, research, planning, management and communications strategies that bolster the attractiveness and competitiveness of Center City.