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Downtown Rebounds: Greater Center City Housing Trends 2023

Downtown Rebounds examines the cumulative effects of three decades of growth, the rebound from 2020 and its impact on housing markets, new and upcoming residential developments and homeownership trends, and the status of the rental market.

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JoAnn Loviglio
Director of Communications and Publications, 215.440.5546

Giavana Suraci
Sr. Manager of Retail Marketing and Events, 215.440.5516

Press Releases

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Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink Returns to Dilworth Park March 30, 2023 Roller rink, Dilworth park, Spring, Summer, Events No Attachment
Spring Arrives in Center City District Parks February 28, 2023 Spring, Parks, Dilworth park, Sister cities park, Cret park No Attachment
Change of Season in Center City District Parks February 28, 2022 Spring, Parks, Ccd parks, Dilworth park, Sister cities park, Cret park, Events No Attachment
Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink Will Return to Dilworth Park with Extended Commitment from the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute February 17, 2022 Roller rink, Dilworth park, Summer, Spring, Rothman No Attachment
Spring Happenings Begin to Bloom at Dilworth Park February 23, 2021 Spring, Dilworth park, Dilworth park events No Attachment