Center City Digest, Spring 2024

This spring edition of the CCD/CPDC quarterly newsletter includes CCD President & CEO Prema Katari Gupta's cover essay (excerpt below) which outlines CCD's continued focus on "clean and safe," the expanded services we are committing to these priorities and the improvements the city has made and challenges we still face. Also inside: research reports, CCD Parks spring events, new renovations on Jewelers’ Row and much more.

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A Year of Progress and Possibility

It’s a privilege to lead Center City District through its next chapter, as we transform from a founder-led organization to a founder-inspired organization. I’m grateful for Paul’s friendship, mentorship, and continued engagement. I am also inspired by the hard work and dedication of the men and women in Center City District uniforms and in our office who work to make the heart of the city welcoming, comfortable, and a place of opportunity for all.

While the author of this letter is different, Center City District’s focus is the same; “clean and safe” are the pillars upon which CCD was founded. We have heard loud and clear that safety, improving both reality and perception, is a top priority among our stakeholders. To rise to the unprecedented challenges of the last four years, we have significantly expanded our services:

To read the full cover essay and view or download the full newsletter, see below or visit - Center City Digest, Spring 2024.