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Monitoring Philadelphia’s Economic Recovery

Job recovery has been slow but steady. Employment increased by 3,500 jobs in May to 674,800, restoring 34% of 114,400 jobs lost in 2020. The percent of office workers back at desks remains low among larger firms; smaller firms came back more quickly. Residents, tourists and shoppers have brought pedestrian volumes back to 62% of June 2019. SEPTA ridership is up; outdoor cafes are flourishing. After Labor Day, higher ed, major firms and performing arts will all be back.

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CCD/CPDC Annual Report

State of Center City 2021

State of Center City 2021: Restoring, Returning, Reanimating, is a comprehensive overview of marketplace conditions in Philadelphia at the end of 2020. It provides detailed profiles of the diverse employment sectors that comprise the downtown economy, highlighting strengths and challenges as we entered 2021. It includes information on housing and transportation trends and serves as a report on CCD operations and their impact in the last year.

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CCD/CPDC Newsletter

Center City Digest, June 2021

This edition of the CCD and CPDC quarterly newsletter includes: CCD President, Paul R. Levy's cover essay making the case for returning to work; CCD 2021 Budget Details; profiles of our essential on-street workers, Summer Park Events, New communications campaigns and CCD/CPDC Reports; How you can support downtown’s recovery.

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Get Re-Centered

Get Re-Centered!

Remember summertime in Center City? When you actually dressed up for work … because you never knew who you’d bump into? When you could run all your errands … and stop for coffee … and still be at the office on time? Remember having virtually unlimited lunch options … and never forgetting your go-to spots. Remember happy hours that are actually happy … and in person? Get back to Center City. Come get re-centered!

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CCD Parks

CCD Parks - for your next event!

The Center City District manages several beautiful, well-maintained outdoor spaces that are perfect for your next special event, during the day or after-hours. Find out how we can help you host a memorable event in the heart of Philadelphia.

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