Priorities for Growth: Balancing Competitiveness & Inclusion

In the coming year, both City Council and the Kenney administration will be considering a range of legislation and policies that can affect job growth, real estate development, school funding and workforce participation. Those topics were front-and-center in the May primary election, as were hot button issues like the 10-year tax abatement, tax collection and assessments, and the appropriate roles for local government, unions and the private sector in addressing equity, inclusion and affordable housing.

On June 25, 2019, Central Philadelphia Development Corporation hosted a panel discussion to delve into these topics during a moderated roundtable discussion with four city leaders (noted below). The panelists presented diverse perspectives about the roles that the city, the state, and the business community can play – both separately and together – to address Philadelphia’s most pressing challenges.

Paul R. Levy, Executive Director of the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation, set the context for the discussion by highlighting the priorities of growth and the opportunities and significant challenges that the city faces. For more information, download Paul Levy’s full presentation [PDF 9.7 MB].

Overview of Opportunities & Challenges: Paul Levy, Executive Director, Central Philadelphia Development Corporation

Leo Addimando, Alterra Property Group & Building Industry Association
Ryan N. Boyer, Business Manager, Laborers' District Council of Metropolitan Philadelphia
Allan Domb, City Councilman At-Large
Helen Gym, City Councilwoman At-Large

Chris Satullo
, former editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial page; former vice president of news, WHYY