Restaurant Week Parking

Park at these Center City garages for $9 or less.

While enjoying CCD Restaurant Week, park for $9 or less at participating Philadelphia Parking Association and Philadelphia Parking Authority facilities from 4:45 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. with a voucher from participating restaurants.

West of Broad

  • E-Z Park, 15th & South Streets (Entrance on 15th between Naudain & South)
  • InterPark , *1728 Sansom Street
  • LAZ Parking, *2116 Market Street 
  • LAZ Parking, Rittenhouse Claridge Garage, 201 South 18th Street (Entrance on Chancellor)
  • LAZ Parking, 2323 Race Street (Edgewater Garage)
  • LAZ Parking, 1616 Chancellor Street (Icon Garage)
  • LAZ Parking, 129 South 30th Street
  • Parkway Corporation, *Liberty Place, 1650 Chestnut Street (on 17th Street between Market & Chestnut & on 16th Street between Market & Chestnut Streets)
  • Parkway Corporation, *1701 Market Street
  • Patriot Parking, 220 South Sydenham Street
  • Patriot Parking, 1900 Arch Street
  • Patriot Parking (Sterling Garage), 1815 JFK Blvd (Entrance on 1850 Cuthbert Street)
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Family Courthouse at 1503-11 Arch Street 

On Broad Street

  • E-Z Park, 211 North Broad Street (Entrance on Broad Street between Race & Vine Streets)
  • E-Z Park, 245 North Broad Street (Entrance on Juniper Street, between Broad & 13th Streets)
  • Parkway Corporation, *Bellevue Garage, 200 South Broad Street
  • LAZ Parking, 337 South Broad Street (Broad & Pine Streets)

East of Broad

  • E-Z Park, 912 Arch Street
  • E-Z Park, 228 North 12th Street (12th & Summer)
  • E-Z Park, Juniper & Race Street (Entrance on Race Street, onto Juniper between Broad and Juniper Street)
  • Interpark, *1327 Locust Street
  • Interpark, 107 South 10th Street
  • LAZ Parking, *618 Market Street
  • Parkway Corporation, *Walnut Towers Garage 805 Walnut Street
  • Parkway Corporation, *12th & Walnut Street
  • Parkway Corporation, *12th & Filbert Streets
  • Patriot Parking, 101 Market Street (Corner of Front & Market Streets)
  • Patriot Parking, 209 South 12th Street
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Autopark at Independence Mall,  5th & Market Streets
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Autopark at Jefferson, 10th & Ludlow Streets
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Autopark at Old City,  2nd & Sansom Streets
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Autopark at Fashion District Philadelphia, 10th & Filbert Streets
  • Philadelphia Parking Authority, *Parkade on 8th ( 8th and Filbert Street)

* Parking facilities with an automated ticket machine. Follow the instructions listed at the garage on how to redeem the discount with the CCD Restaurant Week parking voucher, provided by participating restaurants.