Enhancing Sister Cities Park

Located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Logan Square at 18th Street, Sister Cities Park was first dedicated in 1976 in recognition of Philadelphia’s commitment to the international Sister Cities program. Transformed in 2012 by the Center City District from a forgotten space into one of the nation’s leading multi-generational parks, Sister Cities Park is a favorite destination for families with children, school and daycare groups, local workers, seniors and visitors.

When you support Sister Cities Park improvements, you create opportunities for Philadelphia’s children to laugh and play together.

Modeled after the winding paths, mountains, and streams of Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley, the park’s Discovery Garden is treasured by children. Sister Cities Park’s Earth Fountain invites spirited play among dancing spouts of water, each jet representing one of Philadelphia’s Sister Cities. A children’s book cart and pint-sized Adirondack chairs provide time for quiet and relaxation. Sister Cities Park is active in the winter months as well, when the pond is converted into an Imagination Playground.

Center City District seeks to build on what makes Sister Cities Park so beloved, retaining the intimate and natural feel of the park while offering new components for unstructured play that engage children from a broader range of ages, encourage safe risk-taking, and activates their imagination. Many of these new additions will be accessible year-round, keeping the park active all year long.

Make your mark on Sister Cities Park and support the expansion of the Discovery Garden! Your investment in Sister Cities Park will spark curiosity and foster creativity in the next generation of Philadelphians. Click here to donate now. 

To learn more about how you can support this CCDF project, please contact:
Katie Andrews
Director of Development