Plant Center City

It began with William Penn’s founding vision of Philadelphia as a “greene countrie towne” with streets named after trees. More than 300 years later, we still take pride in his original plan with civic squares and intimate, walkable tree-lined streets.

Street trees not only beautify residential and commercial corridors, they encourage walking, reduce harmful auto emissions, lower summer temperatures and reduce the urban “heat island” effect. Studies have shown they can also increase property values  and even reduce stress and blood pressure levels. 

But trees and landscaping in cities need our care and support. That’s why the Center City District Foundation created the Plant Center City program to green our streets with trees. There are approximately 2,300 street trees within the Center City District’s boundary and, for two decades, we have maintained 700 of them that we added in the 1990s. With your help, we would like to add 200 to 300 more before the end of 2019.

With your support, the Center City District Foundation can expand the downtown’s canopy of healthy street trees. Within the boundaries of the Center City District, we can plant new trees, replace damaged ones and sustain a routine schedule of pruning, watering, pest management and fertilization to sustain William Penn’s vision for coming generations.

The Center City District plants mature, hardy 2.5 inch caliper trees that initially stand a 12-14 feet and are proven to withstand harsh urban environments. We plant a variety of trees native to the region including oak, bald cypress, sycamore, linden and hornbeam. Your investment Philadelphia’s tree canopy will add to the attractiveness of the downtown for years to come.

Donate now to contribute to the continued beautification and greening of downtown Philadelphia.

To learn more about how you can support these CCDF projects, please contact:
Katie Andrews
Director of Development
Center City District Foundation


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