Dilworth Park Starbucks

Facts About Dilworth Park Starbucks

Throughout the year, Dilworth Park is a welcoming destination for a very diverse group of workers, residents, tourists, families and children’s groups from neighborhoods across the city, who play in the fountain, on the lawn, and skate in the rink.

The CCD raised $55 million to create the Dilworth Park in 2014; turning a inactive plaza and scarcely used transit hub into a beautiful, thriving, green civic space that attracted 10.8 million people in 2018. 

Given there are some misconceptions about the Dilworth Park Starbucks project, we would like to share some facts:

  • The CCD’s proposal to add a second café in Dilworth Park was presented publicly, reported in the media and approved by both Philadelphia’s Art Commission and Historical Commissions. These public entities held a total of four open hearings before approving the proposal.

    2/7/18       Art Commission (preliminary approval)
    3/13/18     Art Commission (final approval)
    12/18/18   Historical Commission Architectural Review Committee
    1/11/19     Historical Commission (final approval)
  • The CCD manages and funds all operating expenses for Dilworth Park. The park is owned by the City of Philadelphia and leased to the CCD, freeing up City funds for neighborhood parks, schools, social services, and other essential programming. No portion of the park has or will be sold off to a commercial company.
  • Locally owned Brûlée Catering, Dilworth Park’s current café operator, will run the coffee stand. Brûlée Catering is entering into a licensing agreement to sell Starbucks products, and determined that the park could support another café option in the park’s south end.
  • In 2018, the operating expenses to cover staffing, maintenance and programming of the park were in excess of $4.2 million in 2018, with activities in the park generating $2.6 million; the CCD organization funded the remaining $1.6 million shortfall.
  • In 2018, the CCD presented FREE events on 167 days of the year, including musical performances, movies, exercise classes, a neighborhood arts celebration, a fine arts and craft fair, a Santa Express children’s promotion in partnership with SEPTA, free and discounted skating promotions and a holiday market. 
  • The CCD has created a venue in the park for arts, culture and civic organizations. The CCD has utilized local artists and musicians in its programming, dedicated two digital screens in the concourse for free programming, and brokered deep discounts for arts, culture and civic organizations on the additional screens in the park and concourse.
  • The CCD park management created jobs for more than 40 full-time workers and created dozens of part-time jobs for Philadelphia residents in the park. The new Starbucks kiosk will add an additional 5-10 direct jobs for Philadelphia residents, as well as construction and landscaping work provided by local firms.


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Dilworth Plaza Before Dilworth Park Renovations


Dilworth Park After Renovations

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