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CCD Operations Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In keeping with the City of Philadelphia’s order for all non-essential businesses to shut down, Center City District has closed our administrative offices. Nearly all office staff are working remotely, routinely checking email and voicemail and can respond to questions that need immediate answers. Our finance and accounting staff are still coming into the office to receive mail, process invoices and transact essential business. For more information about our on-street and park operations:

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Center City News

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Center City Digest, Fall 2016 October 31, 2016 Transit, Ccd, Cpdc, Parks, Digest No Attachment
Video- The Parkway and Broad Street: Arts and Culture in Center City December 28, 2006 Broad street, Benjamin franklin parkway, Cpdc, History No Attachment
Video- Making the Office District: Lessons from the Development of Penn Center December 28, 2006 Cpdc, History, Office district No Attachment
Video - Reclaiming the Delaware Waterfront December 28, 2006 Cpdc, History, Delaware river No Attachment
Video- Market Street East: Updating the Vision for the 21st Century December 28, 2006 Cpdc, History, Market east No Attachment
Video- Center City's Residential Revival- 50 years in the Making December 28, 2006 History, Cpdc, Residential market No Attachment