Cocktails To-Go

Local bars and restaurants throughout the city are serving cocktails to-go. Refreshing margaritas and can’t-beat summertime classics like Negronis and Palomas are on the menu. Pick up your favorite mixed drinks or discover new concoctions from Center City’s top mixologists for happy hour at home.

Please check often, as regulations and offers are changing regularly and review each business’s safety guidelines before you visit to help keep our community safe as the recovery begins.

*Please note offers may change daily, contact the restaurant for questions.

1 Tippling Place
2006 Chestnut Street,
Ivy Gimlet  (vodka, fresh mint and lime). Delivered as two servings in a capped bottle, premixed, with ice and garnish on the side. $17
Mexican Strawberry (tequila, fresh strawberry, mint and cucumber, fresh lime juice). Delivered as two servings in a capped bottle, premixed, with ice and garnish on the side. $19
Negroni (gin, campari, sweet vermouth). Delivered as two servings in a capped bottle, premixed, with ice and garnish on the side. $20
Penicillin (scotch, lemon, honey, ginger, splash of Laphraiog). Delivered as two servings in a capped bottle, premixed, with ice and garnish on the side. $18
Wall Street (Tippling exclusive Knob Creek Single Barrel “Rag Man” Rye, Carpano Antica, Angostura Bitters). Delivered as two servings in a capped bottle, premixed, with ice and garnish on the side. $29

1225 Raw Sushi and Sake Lounge
1225 Sansom Street, 215.238.1903
Please check restaurant for menu.

1701 Locust Steak & Seafood (formerly known as The Prime Rib)
1701 Locust Street, 215.772.1701
Cocktails to go are available.

135 S. 18th Street,
Mezcal-ritas (mezcal, tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and house-made arbol chile syrup) $16 
Orange Catholic (vodka, hibiscus, orange juice, and sparkling wine) $16
Whiskey Sour $16

Abe Fisher
1623 Sansom Street, abefisherphilly.comModern Kicks (vodka, lemon, maraschino) $13
Video Days (Famous Grouse, Laphroig, Green Chartreuse, mint) $13
Singles Going Steady (mezcal, pamplemousse, Pimm’s, gin, lemon) $13
The Time is Right (rye, Cynar, Cocchi Torino, Bonal) $13

Attico Rooftop
219 S. Broad Street,
Mimosa Kit (bottle of champagne & choice of three flavors hibiscus-lychee, raspberry shrub and apple white peach) $40
Bloody Kits (house bloody mary mix and vodka - truffle, kimchi or smokey spicy) 32oz | $70
Raspberry Rum Daiquiri (rum, raspberry, lime, Cointreau) $19-$44
Hibiscus-Lychee Gin & Mezcal (Bombay gin, vida mezcal, hibiscus lychee shrub, simple syrup) $22-$75
Blackberry-Sage Shrub Vodka Collins (black-berry sage vodka collins, lemon, soda) $16-$60
Smokey Ginger-Pineapple Margarita (El Jimador blanco tequila, smoked pineapple syrup, ginger, noli pratt dry vermouth, lime) $40
Apple White Peach Punch $10
Manhattan (Dickel rye whisky, dolin sweet vermouth prep) $14
Old Fashioned (Maker’s Mark, demerara, angostura bitters) $13
Grapefruit Tequila Negroni (Epsolon reposado tequila, noilly prett dry vermouth, campari grapefruit oleo saccharum)

Bar Bombón
133 S. 18th Street, 267.606.6612
Classic Margarita $10 for 1 serving, $38 for 4-6 servings
Salted Grapefruit Margarita $12 for 1 serving, $46 for 4-6 servings
Mi Preferida Margarita $12 for 1 serving, $46 for 4-6 servings
Puerto Rico Punch $11 for 1 serving, $42 for 4-6 servings
Bloody Mary (choice of vodka or tequila) $11.50 for 1 serving, $46 for 4-6 servings
Build Your Own Mimosa (choice of orange juice, grapefruit juice, mango, or passion fruit) $10

110 S. 13th Street,
Grapefruit, Rosemary and Gin Pouch $14
Strawberry, Basil and Vodka Pouch $14
Peach, Mint and Bourbon Pouch $14
Negroni Sbagliato (London dry gin, Campari, Dolin vermouth, sparkling wine) $10
Philly Negroni (Bluecoat American dry gin, Campari, sweet vermouth) $12
French Farmer (St. Germain elderflower champagne) $11
Watermelon Margarita (tequila blanco, fresh watermelon, lime) $11
Sanguinello (vodka, blood orange puree, Chambord, lime) $11
Barbuzzo Old Fashioned (Bulliet bourbon, maraschino cherries, Peychaud’s) $12
Basil Lemonade (Tito’s Vodka, housemade lemonade, torn basil leaves) $11
Sazerac (rye whiskey, luxardo maraschino, absinthe) $12
Moscow Mule (vodka, lime juice, ginger beer) $12

Bellini Grill
220 S 16th Street, 215.545.1191,
La Primavera (cucumber vodka, St. Germaine, Prosecco), $12
Forbidden Apple (Apple brandy topped with Franciacorta Spumante) $13
Cynarancia (Orange vodka, Cointreau, Cynar artichoke liqueur, dash of angostura, orange juice) $12
Aperol Spritzer (Aperol, prosecco on the rocks, garnished with slice of orange) $11
House Old Fashioned (Knob Creek Bourbon, Luxardo cherry, orange peel Angostura bitters) $14
Amarina (Angostura soaked sugar cube, Limoncello, topped with Prosecco) $12
Sogno Amalfitaneo (Limoncello, Stoli Vodka, lemon juice and fresh mint) $12
Tequila Fizz (muddled cucumber, brown sugar, lime, Maraschino liqueur, Amaro Montenegro, 1800 silver and Prosecco) $13
Negrone (Campari, gin, sweet vermouth, slice of orange) $11
Bellini (splash of peach nectar and Italian Prosecco) $11

Bistro La Minette
623 S. 6th Street, 215.925.8000,
Slapdash Aperol Navy Punch, (white rum, spiced rum, Aperol, fresh pineapple, grapefruit, and lime juices, red verjus, and a touch of heat) 32oz, meant for 6, add ice. $30.
Vermouth & Brandy Sangria, 32oz, add ice, meant for 4, $28.
Rum & Absinthe Punch, 32oz, add ice, meant for 6, $28.
L'essence Vert (cucumber, mint, and basil vodka, gin, white verjus, Cocchi Americano) 8oz., $12.
Minette Nouveau (vodka, house bitters #3, fresh lemon, Perrier with choice of cassis, blackberry or elderflower) 8oz/16oz., ($10/$18), $12.

Served at Tradesman’s, 1322 Chestnut Street, 267.457.3994
Tropical Cloud, serves 4 (cotton candy fresh-made at Tradesman's to pour over, Three Bitches vodka, Coco Lopez, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut Red Bull) $22
Paloma Punch (Altos tequila, lime, grapefruit juice) $13
Freeze Pop (Hidden River Gin, blueberry simple syrup, lemonade)

blume courtesy of avera pr

Bud & Marilyn's
1234 Locust Street,
Frosé (rosé wine, strawberry-tarragon syrup, vodka) 7 oz. $10
Regal Beagle for 2 (gin, Aperol, elderflower, lemon) 6 oz. $12
Sage Smash (bourbon, grapefruit, honey, sage) 6 oz. $12
Blood Orange Margarita 8 oz. $8
Traditional Lime Margarita 8 oz. $8

Butcher Bar
2034 Chestnut Street, 215.563.6328,
Cocktails and growlers are available to go.

Capriccio Café & Bar at Cret Park
110 North 16th Street, 215.735.9797,

Charlie was a Sinner.
131 S 13th Street, 267.758.5372 
Charlie’s Punch (daily selection of fresh juices, wines & spirits) 
Bramble (vodka, blackberry, strawberry, lemon) 
Eastside (gin, cucumber, mint, lime) 
Commodore (bourbon, strawberry, orange, lime, orange bitters) 
Hemmingway Daiquiri (rum, Maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, lime) 
Tequila Smash (Tequila, lemon, mint, angostura) 
Penicillin (blended scotch, inslay single malt scotch, lemon, ginger, agave) 
Bullseye (roasted farro infused bourbon, amaro, absinthe) 
East of Eden (rye, Pineau des Charentes, blanc vermouth, amaro, fig) 
Done and Dusted (coffee liqueur, housemade creme liqueur, hair bender espresso)
Single $13, Serves 5 $55, Serves 10 $95

1830 Ludlow Street,
Tequila Margarita (Altos Blanco, Combier, J.M. Shrubb, lime, agave) for 2 $12 | for 4 $24
Mezcal Margarita (Banhez Mezcal, Combier, J.M. Shrubb, lime, agave) for 1 $12 | for 2 $24

Craftsman Row Saloon,
112 S. 8th Street, 215.923.0123
Please check restaurant website for menu.

Del Frisco’s
1428-1432 Chestnut Street,
The VIP (pineapple infused vodka) 8 drinks $60
Margarita (tequila, orange liqueur, lime, agave) 8 drinks $60
Moscow Mule (vodka, lime, ginger beer, mint) 8 drinks $60
Honey Barrel (bourbon, lemon, honey, basil) 8 drinks $60

Dilworth Park Cafe and Air Grille
1 S. 15th Street,
Cocktails to-go made with summertime favorites like Jim Beam Black and Hornitos tequila, as well as Bud Light Seltzer, will be available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5-9 p.m. through October 7.

Dim Sum House
1930 Chestnut Street,
University City and Rittenhouse locations will offer their signature cocktails inspired by old school kung fu/martial arts movies and of course, cult classics like Big Trouble in Little China. Plus, look for some classic additions and a full bar.

Double Knot
120 S. 13th Street, 
Autumn in Okinawa (white rum, spiced rum, ginger, pineapple, papaya, lemon) 8oz. $13 | 16 oz. $25
Green Tea Lemonade Sake Cocktail (sake, shochu, honey, green tea, yuzu) 8 oz. $13 | 16 oz. $25
Lovers Knot (vodka, yuzu, blueberry shrub) 8 oz. $13 | 16 oz. $25    

Drury Beer Garden
1311 Sansom Street, 215.545.0170,
All About the Benjamin’s, Baby (Jim Beam Black, orange-cherry, bitters, edible hundred dollar bill) $14
Purple Haze Froze (froze, citrus, vodka, blackberry, add CBD +3) $11
Cool as a Cucumber (cucumber, vodka, lemon, dill) $11
Mango Tango Margarita (tequila, mango, lime) $10
Grinning From Ear to Ear (gin, elderflower, honey, rosemary) $9
Watermelon Spritz (watermelon, vodka and puree, mint, basil, cava $12
Lemon-Ging Mojito (rum, mint, lemon, ginger) $12

El Vez
121 S. 13th St, 
All available in different serving sizes:
El Vez Classic (orange nectar, fresh lime juice)
Strawberry (silver tequila, strawberry purée, orange juice, lime)
Tom Wolf (Spicy Pineapple) (altos reposado, pineapple purée, jalapeño, fresh lime, agave nectar)
Pomegranate (altos reposado, pomegranate juice, orange nectar, lime)
Frozen Blood Orange (orange nectar, blood orange purée)
All margaritas also available as mixers (for pickup or delivery)

el vez

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company
112 South 18th Street, 267.467.3277,
Southside (Choice of Beefeater Gin or Tito’s Vodka, lime, fresh mint) $25 for 4 servings | $40 for 8 servings | $75 for 12 servings
Mai Tai (Appleton Rum, Wray & Nephew, lime, orgeat and orange liqueur) (contains nuts) $25 for 4 servings | $40 for 8 servings | $75 for 12 servings
Margarita (Olmeca Altos Blanco Tequila, lime and orange liqueur. Options for spicy and watermelon infusion) $25 for 4 servings | $40 for 8 servings | $75 for 12 servings
Buck (Choice of Tito’s Vodka, Rittenhouse Rye or Vida Mezcal, fresh ginger, citrus, and soda) $35 for 4 servings | $60 for 8 servings | $115 for 12 servings
Negroni (Beefeater Gin, Italian vermouths and Campari) $40 for 4 servings | $75 or 8 servings | $140 for 12 servings
Old Fashioned (Knob Creek Rye, Demerara and bitters, comes with hand cut ice from Favorite Ice Co. in DC and lemon garnish) $60 for 6 servings | $115 for 12 servings | $175 for 18 servings

harpers garden courtesy of aversa pr

339 N. Broad Street, 215.377.9407
Cucumber Basil Gimlet (Faber gin, cucumber puree, basil simple syrup, lime juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00
Summer Thyme (Faber vodka, strawberry puree, thyme simple syrup, lemon juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00
Blood Orange Margarita (Faber tequila, blood orange puree, triple sec, lime juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00
Classic Margarita (Faber tequila, triple sec, lime juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00
Blackberry Mint Cooler (Faber gin, blackberry puree, mint simple syrup, lemon juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00
Bloody Mary (Faber vodka, house made spicy bloody mary mix) $8.00
Red Sangria (brandy, cabernet, triple sec, orange juice. premixed and prepared to pour over ice) $8.00

Good Dog Bar
224 S. 15th Street, 215.985.9600,
Cocktails (Makes 6-8)
1st Rule of Fight Club (Jameson, fresh lemon juice & honey syrup) $40.00
Bloody Mary Heather's Original Recipe (homemade bloody mary mix with Keystone Rail vodka) $40.00
Grapefruit Crush (Faber citrus, fresh grapefruit juice, simple syrup, topped with 7UP) $40.00
Hasta La Vista (Espolon Blanco, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, & cardamom syrup) $40.00
Incognito Mojito (Bacardi, fresh lime juice & mint simple syrup. No need to muddle) $40.00
Classic Margarita (Cazadores Blanco, triple sec, fresh lime juice & agave nectar) $40.00
Sour Mix (homemade with fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, & pasteurized egg whites. Just add your favorite whiskey, bourbon, amaretto, or make a frothy margarita with tequila & triple sec. Don't forget to shake well!) $15.00
Watermelon Lemonade (Tito's vodka, fresh lemon juice & watermelon syrup) $40.00

Find CCD SIPS featured drink recipes to create great Jim Beam Black cocktails at home. 

Harper’s Garden 
31 S 18th Street,267.886.8552,
Liquid Persuasion (cucumber and mint syrup with fresh lime juice) $26 for five servings
Pick your liquor for this cocktail: Jim Beam Bourbon, Tito’s Vodka, Stateside Vodka, Bluecoat Gin 
Blackberry Smash (homemade blackberry and strawberry syrup with fresh lemon juice) $26 for five servings
Pick your liquor for this cocktail: Jim Beam Bourbon, Tito’s Vodka, Stateside Vodka, Bluecoat Gin 
Bloody Mary (tomato juice, butcher cut black pepper, celery salt, lemon juice, lime juice, guindilla pepper puree, horseradish, Worcestershire, malt vinegar, Sriracha, ghost pepper sauce, blended cucumbers)
Pick your liquor for this cocktail: Tito’s Vodka $26 for four servings, Stateside Vodka $26 for four servings, Bluecoat Gin $26 for four servings, Jim Beam Bourbon $26 for four servings

205 South 13th Street, 215.545.4633
Chai Sangria (red wine, orange, brandy, house chai) 10oz $10 | $28 pitcher 
Spicy Masala Bloody Mary, 10oz $10 | $28 pitcher
Indebluetini (citrus, vodka, mango, cardamom, lemon) 10oz $12 | $30 pitcher 
Mumbai Mirch (house chili infused tequila, orange, lime, lychee) 10oz $12 | $30 pitcher

Jose Pistolas 
263 S. 15th Street, 215.545.4101
Traditional, 16oz $20 | 32oz $30
The Diablo (Jalapeno & Spiced Margarita)16oz $23 | 32oz $35
Flavored (Guava, Mango, Pomegranate, Strawberry & specials) 16oz $23 | 32oz $35 

Ladder 15
1528 Sansom Street, 215.964.9755
Frozen White Claws and frosé made with John’s Water Ice, $6

La Peg
140 N. Columbus Blvd.,
Mango Passionfruit Mojito (rum, mint syrup, mango puree, passionfruit, lime juice) 6 oz. $8 | 12 oz. $16
Spiced Honey And Coconut Punch (rum, habanero honey syrup, coconut milk, pineapple juice) 6 oz. $8 | 12 oz. $16
Maple Hard Coffee (whiskey, maple syrup, cold brew la colombe coffee, touch of milk) 6 oz. $8 | 12 oz. $16
Blackberry Cooler (gin, blackberry, mint syrup, lemon juice) 6 oz. $8 | 12 oz. $16
Basil And Watermelon Collins (vodka, watermelon puree, basil, lemon juice) 6 oz. $8 | 12 oz. $16

Little Nonna’s
1234 Locust Street, 
Sazerac (rye whiskey, Luxardo maraschino, absinthe) 6 oz. $12
Negroni (gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, orange) 6 oz. $12
Nonna’s Punch (vodka, Aperol, citrus, white wine) 12 oz. $18
Italian Lemonade (citrus vodka, house squeezed lemon, thyme syrup) 8 oz. $10
Red Sangria (Spanish red wine, citrus, rosemary simple syrup, apple) 32 oz. $28

106 S 13th Street,
Check Lolita’s social media pages for daily cocktail specials.

Lou Bird’s
500 S. 20th Street, 267.804.7977
Fresh Watermelon Margaritas $8

1201 Filbert Street, 
Primo Margarita (Patron Silver, Cointreau and fresh sour mix. Packed with lime wedges and salt on the side) 6 oz. $8
Italian Margarita (Jose Cuervo Gold, Disaronno Amaretto and fresh sour mix. Packaged with lime wedges and salt on the side) 6 oz $7

1801 John F Kennedy Blvd,
Margarita, $15
Raspberry Margarita, $15
Misconduct Punch, $15
Pina Colada, $15
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake, $13
Lucky Charms Milkshake, $13
White Russian Milkshake, $13
Irish Car Bomb MilkShake, $13

Mission Taqueria 
1516 Sansom Street, 2nd FL.,
Bottled Margie (House, guava, mango/pineapple & green juice all made with Hornito’s Tequila) 8oz $12 | 32oz $48

mission taqueria

723 Chestnut Street, 215.413.9070 
Karai (vodka, micro cilantro, jalapeno) 12 oz $22
Ichigo (gin, strawberry, yuzu, Thai basil, cucumber) 12oz $22

640 N. Broad Street,
Paloma (tequila, grapefruit, lime) 8oz $13 | 16oz $24
Negorini (gin, campari, sweet vermouth) 8oz $16 | 16oz $30
Bourbon Lemonade (bourbon, lemonade, sugar) 8oz $12 | 16oz $22 
Gimlet (gin, lime, sugar) 8oz $12 | 16oz $22

Oyster House
1516 Sansom Street, 215.567.7683
Kelly’s Punch to Go (vodka, passion fruit liqueur, ginger syrup, lemon juice, and Peychaud's bitters. Makes approximately 4 drinks. Best served over ice and topped with club) $26
OHo Martini to Go (house blended gins (Sipsmith, Beefeater 24, Royal Dock), house made vermouth. Pre-diluted for you. Best kept in the freezer and poured into your favorite martini glass) $16

Parc Rittenhouse 
227 S. 18th Street, 215.545.2262 
Please check restaurant for menu.

Pizzeria Vetri
1615 Chancellor Street, 215.763.3760,
Please check restaurant for menu

Raven Lounge
1718 Sansom Street, 215.840.3577
“Whatever you want, we can make.” Text order to above number. Prices vary.

205 S. 18th Street, 215.732.6622
Please check restaurant for menu.

124 S. 13th Street,
Visit Sampan's  to find cocktail specials.

spice finch

1801 Lombard Street, 215.560.8443
Sangria (red wine, plum fuki, brandy)
16 oz iced $10 | 32 oz iced $20
Soju Punch (soju, Grand Marnier, honey, lemon, anis liqeur, cranberry)
16 oz iced $10 | 32 oz iced $20
Kimchi Bloody Mary (kimchi, house spicy soju)
16 oz iced $10 | 32 oz iced $20
Old Boy (whiskey, amaro nonino, Aperol, Dom Benedictine, vermouth, Laphroaig)
5 oz iced $12 | 20 oz no ice $45
Spicy Soju (house infused with anaheim, jalapeno, and scotch bonnet peppers)
8 oz chilled $10 | 16 oz chilled $20
Yogurt Soju (our take on a classic Korean specialty featuring Yakult sweet yogurt)
8 oz chilled $10 | 16 oz chilled $20

Spice 28
1228 Chestnut Street,
Please check restaurant website for menu.

Talula’s Garden
210 W Washington Square, 215.592.7787,
Please check restaurant website for menu.

1511 Locust Street,
Margarita For the Family up to 6 5oz servings $50
Roses Margarita (rose petal-infused tequila, fresh lime juice, elderflower liqueur and rose petals) $10
Tequila Margarita (tequila, orange liqueur, agave and fresh lime juice) $10 | family size $50
Jalap Margarita (tequila infused with jalapeños, orange liqueur, agave & fresh lime) $10
La Colina (jalapeños-infused tequila, agave nectar, mezcal, orange liqueur, lime juice, angostura bitters) $10
Michoacan Old Fashioned (tequila reposada, siembra metl cupreata mezcal, agave nectar, angostura bitters) $12
Mojito Verde (tequila, cucumber, basil, fresh lime juice, elderflower liqueur & agave nectar) $10
Michelada Ahumada (jalapeno-infused tequila, siembra metl cupreata mezcal, lime, cane sugar, topped with beer) $12
Mojito (El Dorado rum, cucumber, mint, fresh lime juice and agave nectar $10
T-N-T (Tito’s handmade soda and tonic) $10
Sangria (red or white with fresh diced fruit) $10
Sangria For the Family up to 6 5oz servings $50

The Love
130 S. 18th Street, 215.433.1555,
Please check restaurant website for menu.

Top Tomato Bar & Pizza
1107 Walnut Street,
Frozen cocktails and a selection of summer classics. Order online for pickup or at the to-go window in person.

1322 Chestnut Street, 
$3 Vodka Mixed Berry Popsicle, frosé, my-mosa kits and more!

123 S. 18th Street, 215.972.8742
Feeling Berry Good (cimarron blanco tequila, wahaka mezcal, fresh lime juice, house-infused strawberry cappelletti) $26 
Thyme to Help (local boardroom vodka, fresh lime juice, tarragon-thyme syrup, amontillado sherry, apple-based dupont pommeau) $26 
Netflix & ‘Hattan (local bluebird four grain bourbon, punt e mes, dubonnet rouge, red wine-chocolate bitters) $26 
Bittersweet Timeoff (local bluecoat gin, genepy liqueur, cocchi americano rosa, luxardo bitter blanco) $26 

Twenty Manning Grill 
261 S. 20th Street, 215.731.0900
The New Normal (bourbon, ginger, lemon, honey, Miller Lite, simple syrup)

1920 Chestnut Street, 215.519.2001
Diwali Light (Ketel One Vodka, pama, spiced pear syrup, lemon juice) $12
Damini (Ketel One Grapefruit Rose, triple sec, champagne, lime juice, cranberry juice) $13
Congee (Hendricks Gin, beet syrup, cardamom, ginger syrup, star anise, black pepper rim) $13
Bengali Berry (Brockmans Gin, poached blueberries, Thai chai syrup, sparkling water, dehydrated lemon) $13
Old Fashioned Gabbar (Jim Beam Black, bauchant, turbinado syrup, angostura & orange bitters, orange peel, amarena cherry) $13
Laila (house infused cucumber unfiltered Belvedere Vodka, St. Elder, mint syrup, lime juice) $13
Mojito Jal Jeera (Cruzan Rum, tamarind, lime juice, mint, jal jeera syrup) $12
Mumbai Mule (Belvedere Unfiltered, cardamom syrup, lime juice, ginger beer) $12
Majnu (Knob Creek Rye, mango pulp, egg white, angostura bitters, chilli powder, simple syrup) $13
Punjabi Sour (Johnnie Walker Red, amaretto, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, lime juice, Peychaud’s bitters, Ardbeg rinse) $13
Maharaja Tonic (Prairie Gin, Fever Tree tonic water, grapefruit bitters, juniper berries, grapefruit peel) $12
Drunken Lassi (house-made mango lassi, Cruzan Estate dark rum, chilli powder) $13

1221 Locust Street,
Bloody Mary for 2 (vodka, spicy house mix, garnishes) 16 oz. $15
Respected Desperado for 2 (gin, matcha, yuzu, bitter herbs) 10 oz. $14 
Slow Burn for 2 (bourbon, amontillado sherry, rhubarb) 10 oz. $15
Watermelon Margarita for 2 (tequila, watermelon, orange liqueur, lime, black salt) 16 oz. $15
Spaghetti Western for 2 (Sotol tequila, vermouth, gentian, maraschino) 10 oz. $14

2031 Walnut Street,
Old Fashioned for 2, $24 
Pegu Club for 2, $24 
Blue Heat for 2 (tequila, lime & house made chili tincture) $24

Village Whiskey
118 S. 20th Street,
Please check restaurant website for menu.

Looking for beer? Visit Bud Light’s Open for Takeout platform to buy beer online.