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Meet Meredith Greimel

Hometown: Medford, NJ

Neighborhood or town you live in: Fishtown

Job: Owner of Beaucycled (Florist, Jewelry Designer)

What do you most love about what you do for a living?
What I love most is the creative freedom. Once I gather inspiration, I am quick to jump on new endeavors and ongoing projects. It is nice to get things in motion at my pace, then have assistance from my amazing team in the studio to bring the vision to life.

How would you spend a perfect day in Center City?
A facial at Rescue Spa. Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse to explore the craft section and knitting books, then knit in the sun at Rittenhouse Square Park. Grab a juice from Animo on Arch. A.C. Moore on Broad Street to check out anything new in the crochet and knitting department. Then duck into Happy Hour at Double Knot, where my indecision sets in, so I narrow it down to 4 dishes and hope one of my friends/clients is within walking distance to join me.

Tell us about your favorite places to shop in Center City and why:
I get my staples from Gap, then I get my statement pieces at Nordstrom Rack or Bloomingdale’s Outlet in Liberty Place.

"I also love to thrift - it is my therapy."

Tell us about your favorite places to eat in Center City and why:
FUEL - their guac, sandwiches and salads have saved me many days while working my booth at Christmas Village. The ingredients are incredibly fresh.

Talula’s Garden - speaking of fresh, their food is unbelievable and the atmosphere is refreshing. Who wouldn’t enjoy fine dining surrounded by plants and eating off vintage china.

Double Knot - They have the best of both worlds. Great coffee for the morning, and a dinner menu that tailors to pescetarians like myself.

Tell us about your favorite places to drink in Center City and why:
Jose Pistola’s - margaritas make me so happy. If I’m not making them at home, I love to meet friends at this accessible spot for happy hour that leads into dinner.

MilkBoy - When I first moved to Philadelphia, I lived around the corner from MilkBoy and it was my go-to spot. It’s a fun place to start or end the night with friends.

Graffiti Bar - I love bringing friends and family here for the experience of walking down a narrow brick alley to stumble upon an outdoor bar surrounded by graffiti. Aside from the good cocktails, they have a great beer selection for those particularly warm days in the summer.

Tell us about your favorite Center City hidden gem:
Locust Rendezvous. Maybe it’s not as much of a ‘hidden’ gem as it used to be, but this place has amazing bar food, TVs glaring with whatever Philly-team game is on, and an eclectic crowd.

Favorite article of clothing:
My Kork-Ease shoes. They are equally as cute as they are incredibly comfortable for work events.

"My go-to look? Levi's Jeans, black long or short-sleeve leotard, vintage belt, Beaucycled quartz choker wrap, Beaucycled fringe earrings, and comfortable clogs or mules."

Favorite drink: My homemade strawberry-lemon-mint water.

What is on your bookshelf? Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

What is on your nightstand?
Moisturizer, Swell bottle of water, a dish to hold my jewelry before I fall asleep, and a vintage textbook on floral arrangements.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Eliminate travel time - where my business is concerned (car, plane, etc.) It sounds crazy, but I spend a LOT of time loading and unloading my vehicle with our workshop event setup, wedding deliveries, planting materials, you name it. In addition, I have to get myself ready and throw a frisbee around with my dog before I head anywhere. If I could press a button that would get me to my destination in less than 5 minutes, it would make my life a little easier.

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Meredith Greimel photographed in Banana Republic shirt and vest, Beaucycled headband and earrings, jeans and shoes are her own, at the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market in Dilworth Park.