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Meet Gabriela Guaracao


Where do you live?

What do you do for a living?
Founder/CEO, Americae

What do you most love about what you do for a living?
I love being creative and analytical, all-day and everyday. I might be looking at fabric color swatches one moment and looking at financial forecasts the next. It’s the exact combination that gets me so excited to bring Americae to life, among other reasons. 

"Founding Americae has been the fusion of many areas of my background– business, international trade, arts/culture, creativity, and the Americas! And, I am very lucky I get to do all of this in my hometown of Philadelphia."

(Americae means the Americas in Latin, a name that embodies the ethos of the company at this stage, which is to bring a bit of Latin America’s color and glamour to a US consumer through womenswear and experiential retail.)

How would you spend a perfect day in Center City?
Yoga, church, brunch, and sitting in one of the many parks breathing fresh air– in that order.

Favorite places to shop in Center City: Boyds, Barneys, and Open House

Favorite places to eat in Center City: Vernick

Favorite places to drink in Center City: 
The Library Bar at the Rittenhouse Hotel during all seasons, whether it’s inside by the fireplace or outside in the serene courtyard. Also, the staff is absolutely stellar.

Favorite Center City hidden gem: Jack in 1862 and the grounds behind Independence Hall.

Favorite designer or fashion brand: 
My favorite designer is Miuccia Prada for being a multi-talented, entrepreneurial creative, and a modern renaissance woman.

Who is your style inspiration?
Carmen Busquets, Giovanna Battaglia, Queen Elizabeth II...

"My style inspiration is anyone who expresses part of themselves through clothing and is unabashed about their personal style."

Favorite scent: French Leather Rose by Memo Paris

Last trip you went on: Cartagena, Colombia

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