Business Center

Diversification and density make downtown Philadelphia a thriving business center.

​Downtown Philadelphia is a dense and diverse employment center, where 42% of all Philadelphia jobs are concentrated. Center City has more than 298,000 wage and salaried workers, 9,000 freelancers and those compensated as partners, 41 million square feet of commercial office space and 500,000 square feet of coworking space, making it the largest central business district in the region, and the ninth largest in the country. Another 76,000 people work in the educational, healthcare and research institutions adjacent University City. 

Diversification and density are the defining strengths of Philadelphia’s vibrant downtown economy. With over 9,890 businesses, Center City has the highest concentration of firms in the Greater Philadelphia region. Professional, business, financial and real estate services create the bulk of downtown jobs, with education and health services, the largest sector citywide, also strongly represented.

Downtown Philadelphia’s wide range of state-of-the-art office buildings are within quick walking distance of transit stops, parking garages and exceptional restaurants and shopping. Companies downtown benefit from immediate access to clients, city, state and federal agencies, services and courts. As for meeting space, there is no shortage of excellent facilities – with the Pennsylvania Convention Center and dozens of hotels with over 11,700 rooms.

Select Companies Headquartered in Philadelphia: