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Meet Steven Duross

Business(es) you own in Center City: Duross & Langel

We opened Duross & Langel in Center City in 2004. Our business is unique. We are a specialty store, we make our own bath and body products. We create all-natural soap, balms, butters, scrubs and things like that. Most of our products are manufactured right here on site. Anything we make without preservatives- all of the soaps powders, candles, and essential oils- is done in-house. Any of the bottled products that have to be done to FDA standards are made at our lab, which is also local.

What makes Philadelphia a great place to do business?
When I opened a business, I knew I wanted to open it here and it’s not because I didn’t look. Philadelphia has this unique something that makes it not only affordable and approachable, but really offers a diversity and a pluralism that you don’t find in every city.  

Philadelphia is a great place for someone to open up a business. It’s affordable, everything is walkable, there’s a really great spirit for small entrepreneurs here.

Why did you choose Center City?
It was an opportunity for me to take an idea, a concept, and start it off very small, we started off with three products and we actually built out from there. I don’t imagine there’s many cities like Philadelphia, Center City in particular, that would allow me to start off with nothing and be able to build the business into what it is today.

We have an incredible amount of people that come back every month and bring their friends. The business is growing by leaps and bounds and that’s really gratifying to us.

What we’re finding is, there’s many people who are coming from out of town. Philadelphia draws from cities that surround it not only on the weekends, but with conventions and things that are going on that continue to expand.

Some people see us the neighborhood soap makers and other people see us as sort of an original store where they can buy gifts or souvenir items that they can bring back that they know that their wife or their girlfriend are going to love.

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