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Learn why successful retailers and restaurateurs choose Center City Philadelphia.

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Meet Stephen Starr

Business(es) you own in Center City:
STARR Restaurants includes a large portfolio of restaurants including Alma de Cuba, Barclay Prime, Buddakhan, Butcher and Singer, The Continental Mid-town, The Dandelion, El Rey, El Vez, Jones, Morimoto, Parc, Pod, Serpico, Talula's Daily, Talula's Garden and The Love, in addition to others throughout the United States and Paris. 

Who is your customer?
My customers run the gamut. There’s this small core of wealthy customers from the Main Line and other parts of Philadelphia and New Jersey. That’s the core, the minority core, but they’re not the only customer. We have grown to the point where our brand appeals to everyone so we’re getting the wealthy doctor, real estate mogul from the Main Line and we’re getting the person that has a small business in South Jersey that just gravitates to our brand.

What makes Philadelphia a great place to do business?

We need more retail, the customers are hungry for it.

It's a city of people that want to go out and want to enjoy what's here and they're very, very loyal. We’re sick of traveling to a mall to have to buy something. So retailers should wake up and see that this is land of milk and honey. You can make a lot of money here. In terms of restaurateurs, I’ve made lots of money here. I’m the living proof that the restaurant business is alive and well in Philadelphia. Having said that, I would prefer that you not come.


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