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Meet Simon Doonan 

Business in Center City:
Creative Ambassador, Barneys New York

Who is your customer?
Our customers are bohemian and fabulous and glamourous and all different ages. It’s really a sensibility. It’s someone who likes clothing to be personal expression. It’s not someone looking to win a prize for being appropriate or following trends. It’s someone who likes to use their personal style as a form of personal expression. That’s the Barney’s customer.

What do you love about Center City?
When people come to Center City Philadelphia, I think they’re surprised at how groovy it is because people used to always  say Philadelphia was so near and yet so far, and it was always a little out of the loop style-wise. But that is no longer true. Philly is a great town. And my partner Jonathan Adler is a huge Philadelphia Eagles supporter. So we always watch the Eagles game whenever they’re playing.

I’m so happy that Barney’s is in Philadelphia and in that gorgeous building. We’re thrilled to be there and I can’t wait to get on the train and go there tomorrow. And the day after.

What makes Philadelphia a great place to do business?

Philly is glam. Philly is hip. Philly is now. Philly is happening.

If you’re not going to Philly regularly, then you’re not groovy. Philly is happening. It’s totally happening. Philly is hip. Philly is groovy. Do you get the picture? Philly. Philadelphia.

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