Homeless Programs

Strategies to reduce the number of homeless living on downtown streets, while providing compassionate outreach, links to appropriate services and job opportunities.

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Homeless Action Team

The CCD's Homeless Action Team (HAT) is a specially trained group of community service representatives (CSRs). HAT members encourage and assist homeless individuals to get into appropriate facilities where they can find shelter and necessary social services. 

HAT responds to calls from retail businesses and building managers and patrols Center City on a daily basis. In addition to HAT, every CSR is trained to engage our homeless clients and offer them assistance in contacting the Outreach Coordination Center to help them receive services.

Homeless Outreach Program

To address the recent, significant increase in panhandling and homelessness on Center City sidewalks, the CCD funded and launched in April 2018 a six-month, sustained, focused and cooperative outreach program in partnership with Project HOME and the Philadelphia Police with strong support from the City’s Department of Behavioral Health. By pairing outreach workers and police, the program helped  134 homeless individuals come off the street and secure appropriate services, while ensuring that everyone complies with local ordinances regarding use of public spaces. Initiated as a pilot program, the effort concluded in mid-November 2018 the program will start up again in spring 2019. To learn more, visit the Center City District Foundation's Joint Outreach Program page.