Outdoor Seating 2016

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Center City Reports- Outdoor Seating 2016 is an annual survey of outdoor cafes and seating in and around downtown Philadelphia.

Since 2001, the number of food establishments in Center City with sidewalk seating has increased 439%, to 372, providing 5,579 seats between Vine and South Streets, river to river. When outdoor seats at non-food retailers (nail salons and art galleries, for example), parks and formerly barren office district plazas are added, the number rises to 6,322, an increase of 4.4% over 2015.

The increase in outdoor and cafe seating over the last fifteen years has paralleled the impressive growth in restaurants and residential development in Center City.  One of the key signs of a city's vitality is the volume and usage of its outdoor seating, bringing even more activity to downtown sidewalks and creating an ever more thriving public domain. 

Center City Reports: Outdoor Seating 2016 is based on extensive survey work conducted by the Center City District, and includes full-color maps, charts and thorough analysis of this important aspect of urban vitality.