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Publications & Reports

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Below is a list of the Center City District's and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation's available publications. To order any of these publications, call 215.440.5500.

Center City Business: Planning and Development
State of Center City Report

The State of Center City report is designed to measure the progress of Philadelphia's downtown, to document continuing challenges, and to be of use to those who seek to develop, locate, lease, invest or meet in Center City.

To download the report in full, or by chapter, visit our State of Center City page.

Center City Philadelphia Developments, 2015-2019

This report includes a map and full-color photos or renderings and project descriptions of all 82 major developments in Center City Philadelphia, categorized by type. The report highlights major projects that were completed in 2015, were under construction, or had been announced as of the end of Q4 2015, from Fairmount to Washington Avenues.

2016 | Free | Visit the report page.

Center City Reports: Sustaining Demand for Downtown Housing

This report is the latest yearly survey of housing production in Greater Center City and an analysis of both demographics and economic trends that are shaping present and future demand for downtown living.

2016 | 16 pgs | Free | PDF (3.4 MB) | Read on Issuu

Downtown Rebirth: Documenting the Live-Work Dynamic in 21st Century U.S. Cities

The culmination of a year-long effort by the Center City District, the International Downtown Association, and partners across the country to develop an effective way to quantify the number of people who live and work in and around 231 job centers in 150 American cities. Using existing Federal data resources, Downtown Rebirth suggests a way both to define and quantify downtown workforce and population numbers and document how these employment hubs and live-work environments are quickly changing.

2013 | Free | DefiningDowntown.org

Center City Reports: Getting to Work: Transit, Density & Opportunity

Detailing how workers in Center City and the region arrive at their jobs and the impact these choices have on the downtown economy. An analysis of the commuting patterns of Center City residents, based on American Community Survey data, information sources from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and ridership numbers from SEPTA, PATCO and NY Transit. The report examines how Center City workers arrive at their jobs and their preferences for improvements to transit, driving, and biking conditions.

2016 | Free | Visit the report page.

Center City Reports: Bicycle Commuting

Results of a CCD survey of bicycle ridership patterns in Center City, along with recommendations for the future.

2016 | 5 pgs | Free | PDF (2.8 MB)

Center City Reports: Leading the Way- Population Growth Downtown

For the first time in 60 years, Philadelphia's population has grown. This remarkable development occurred most notably in Center City, which has increased its number faster than any other portion of the city. This report analyzes the numbers and looks at what this growth means for housing, employment and education.

2011 | 10 pgs | Free | PDF (437 KB) | Read on Issuu

Managing Success in Center City: Reducing Congestion, Enhancing Public Spaces

Documents the challenges and causes of an increasingly congested downtown and proposes a series of short-, mid- and long-term solutions.

2008 | 34 pgs | Free | PDF (4.4 MB)

Center City: Planning for Growth 2007-2012

The Center City District retained seven design firms to look forward, focusing on four districts: East Market Street, West Market Street and JFK Boulevard, Broad Street and City Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

2007 | 54 pgs | First copy free, extras $5.50 ea.; District Plans: $1 ea. | PDF (11.4 MB)

Specific area plans :
East Market Street | PDF (3.6 MB) • West Market and JFK Boulevard | PDF (4.0 MB)
Benjamin Franklin Parkway | PDF (377 KB) • Broad Street and City Hall | PDF (3.3 MB)

The Success of Downtown Living: Expanding the Boundaries of Center City

Analysis of demographic trends and downtown growth.

2002 | 12 pgs | Free | PDF (906 KB)

Turning On the Lights Upstairs

A guide for converting the upper floors of older commercial buildings to residential use.

1996 | 57 pgs | Online only | PDF (17 MB)

Center City Business: Retail, Dining and Office
Center City Reports: Philadelphia’s Independent Economy: Implications for Office Space

Produced with support from the Knight Foundation. An in-depth look at how this sector of the economy is accounted for in national data sources and the potential impact these workers might have on the Philadelphia economy. The report includes a qualitative survey of independent workers in Philadelphia and looks at the implications for commercial real estate and economic development in Center City.

2015 | Free | To download the report or read it online, visit the report page.

Center City Reports: Pathways to Job Growth

This report documents current employment trends and analyzes various options that can help Philadelphia achieve a goal of sustainable job growth including: capitalizing on the concentration of young, well-educated Millennials in and around the downtown; improving public education; nurturing the expansion of sole proprietors and start-up firms; and supporting the efforts of major universities to focus on the start-ups, patents, and new industries that are being spawned by their research and technological innovations. The report also highlights the over-arching importance of tax reform to all these efforts.

2014 | 16 pgs | Free | PDF (2.4 MB) | Read on Issuu
View Age of Workforce charts

Center City Reports: Philadelphia Retail

A look at retail market trends in downtown Philadelphia. The report includes an analysis of retail demand, the results of CCD’s annual retail survey, updated pedestrian traffic counts and a roundup of selected major retail developments in the pipeline.

2016 | 24 pgs | Free | PDF (5.4 MB)

Center City Reports: Outdoor Seating 2016

Results of the most recent survey on sidewalk cafes in Center City.

2016 | 4 pgs | Free | PDF (2.7 MB)

Center City Life: Schools
Center City Reports: Retaining College Graduates, Survey of College Graduates in Center City

Analyzing the results of a college graduate survey.

2006 | 8 pgs | Free | PDF (478 KB)

Center City Reports: Growing Smarter: The Role of Center City's Public Schools in Enhancing the Competitiveness of Philadelphia

Published by Central Philadelphia Development Corp., this report looks at ways to improve the quality and customer focus of public schools serving downtown and examines how better schools will help retain young professionals and sustain the downtown housing boom.

2004 | 8 pgs | Free | PDF (1.6 MB)

Center City Life: Safety
Crime Prevention Services Brochure and Smart Tip Cards

Proven tips on how to spot and stop car, office, street and travel theft.

Single copies free; call for prices on multiples

About Us
2013-2017 CCD Plan & Budget

Center City District's approved plan and budget for 2013-2017.

2012 | 6 pgs | Free | PDF (1.2 MB) | Read on Issuu

Center City Digest Newsletter

Quarterly newsletter of the Center City District and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (current and back issues available). To download an archived PDF edition of the Center City Digest, click on the appropriate link below:

2016: Winter | Fall | Summer | Spring 2015: Winter | Fall | Summer | Spring
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Center City District Brochure

Brief general overview of the Center City District.


Central Philadelphia Development Corporation Brochure

Brief general overview and description of membership benefits of the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation.

Free | PDF (1.7 MB)

Community Service Representative Handbook

Policies and procedures for bargaining unit personnel.

2008 | 85 pgs | $750

OPDC | CPDC - 50 Years of Remaking Center City

Chronicles the history of the Old Philadelphia Development Corporation and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation, decade by decade, through archival photos, interviews and reprints of vital documents.

2006 | 82 pgs | PDF (2.3 MB) | Read on Issuu

About Us: Physical Improvements
Destination Philadelphia: Ride!Philadelphia, Transit Portal Signage Components

Images of public transportation transit portal signage components with project timeline map

2013 | 2 pg | Free | PDF (1.6 MB)

Destination Philadelphia: Ride!Philadelphia, Bus Shelter Posters and Maps

Brief description of Ride!Philadelphia bus shelter historical posters and bus route maps

2013 | 1 pg | Free | PDF (444 KB)

Destination Philadelphia: Direction Philadelphia

Brief description of Direction Philadelphia vehicular wayfinding system

2004 | 1 pg | Free | PDF (84 KB)

Destination Philadelphia: Walk!Philadelphia

Brief description of Walk!Philadelphia pedestrian wayfinding system

2004 | 1 pg | Free | PDF (621 KB)

Walk!Philadelphia: The Center City District Streetscape Improvements Packet

Project summary provides an overview of the goals and objectives.

2000 | 4 pgs | Free

About Us: CCD Construction Documents
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Plan

Per 49 CFR Part 26, for the Dilworth Plaza Renovation Project.

2011 | 31 pgs | Free | PDF (160 KB)

All Center City District videos may also be viewed on our YouTube page- www.youtube.com/centercitydistrict
Benjamin Franklin Parkway Signage System


Managing Success in Center City: Reducing Congestion, Enhancing Public Spaces


Center City's Residential Revival- 50 years in the Making


Making the Office District: Lessons from the Development of Penn Center


The Impact of Interstate Highways on Center City


Market Street East: Updating the Vision for the 21st Century


The Parkway and Broad Street: Arts and Culture in Center City


Reclaiming the Delaware Waterfront


The Drexel Law Review- Business Improvement Districts and the Evolution of Urban Governance

Business Improvement Districts in Philadelphia: A Practitioner's Perspective
By Paul Levy: PDF (153 KB)

Center City District: A Case of Comprehensive Downtown BIDs
By Göktuğ Morçöl: PDF (161 KB)

Publication Orders: Order any of the publications listed above by emailing info@centercityphila.org or calling 215.440.5500.

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