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Center City District crews ensure that the downtown is clean and graffiti-free seven days a week by supplementing the City of Philadelphia's sanitation services and the obligations of property owners.

Sidewalk Cleaning

The CCD deploys over 100 uniformed workers who manually sweep downtown sidewalks and operate specialized equipment on two overlapping shifts, seven days a week, providing up to 14 hours of services per day.

Mechanical sidewalk sweepers are deployed every morning so that Center City starts clean every day.

Throughout the day, CCD's uniformed cleaners manually sweep all sidewalks at least three times. The "pan and broom brigade" also sweeps sidewalks in prime entertainment and dining areas in the evenings during the warm weather months.

All sidewalks also get a monthly power washing, except in winter, to remove accumulated stains, gum and grime.


CCD has zero tolerance for graffiti. Specially trained teams use solvents and high-pressure washers to blast graffiti from the ground floor of building walls, light poles, signs and street furniture while protecting architectural surfaces.

Fee for Service

Through a variety of fee-for-service arrangements, CCD crews clean several adjacent commercial and residential areas and provide a 24-hour deployment to clean Center City's two regional rail stations. Besides ensuring a clean environment beyond the boundaries of the district, these services provide job opportunities to disadvantaged workers, many of whom are hired into full-time jobs by the CCD.

Report a Problem

Let us know if you spot trash or graffiti on a downtown street. Report it here.

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